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Within our children’s parties we merge both golf and football together using our state of the art indoor technology to simulate between the two.

Most of all we make it FUN! The fairground games (bowling, balloon pop, giant darts, putt ski, paint splat and target hitting), greenhouse smashing, football skills (penalties, free kicks, passing and corners) and an outdoor grass football pitch we have more than enough to entertain large groups of children.

We will also be hosting children’s football and golf masterclass holiday camps carried out by a UEFA football coach and our highly skilled golf intructor Mark. 

We have also hosted SEN classes (with Maple Grove school) where we have created a fun and tranquil environment for the children with special needs and wish to keep helping and hosting such amazing children (please call and speak with us if you would like to book a SEN session).

Children's parties:
Children's holiday camps
Children's group golf lessons (COMING SOON):

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