Golf club refurbishments & repairs

kage golf can fix up your clubs:

Are you tired of the constant increase in golf club prices?

Do you love your trusty old clubs but worry they are starting to look a bit too worn out?

There is a solution to this here at Kage Golf. Have your clubs fully refurbished and made to look almost new for a fraction of the cost of new clubs. The process includes grinding, buffing, polishing, painting and shining.

Prices vary depending on how much time needs to be put into each club and how much it is worth. For example, a Scotty Cameron putter will cost more to refurbish as the metal is more expensive and requires a more intricate process. Heavily beaten up clubs will cost more again as they will require more time to replenish.

Breath new life back into your old clubs (see pictures below).

Other services included: Re-shafting, re-gripping, loft and lie alterations, club lenghtening/shortening and re-grooving.

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