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Are you tired of the cold, wet and unpredictable British weather?

Are you bored of playing the same course 99% of your golfing rounds?

Are you frustrated that it costs a fortune to play the worlds best golf courses?

At Kage we’re here to address such problems with our cutting edge technology partnered by Foresight Sports GC technology bringing you the most accurate in indoor golf simulation. Anything from dialing in your distances to fun rounds and a few drinks watching sports with friends. 

Home to one of only a few Foresight GC HAWK bays in the whole of the UK providing both GOLF and FOOTBALL in stunning 4K projection!!!

4K Graphics you can expect from our simulators!

What Our Clients Say

“This is just what the Wirral needs. A place where I can play some golf when either the weather is terrible, it’s too dark or even when I’m bored of playing my home course. With a young family, KAGE was ideal to get a full round of golf in within an hour.”

Andy Flatman - Wirral

We want to create an environment that offers a comfortable, relaxed and friendly space to play golf with the best and most accurate data available through Foresight sports.

We are now an official England Golf Affiliated Facility so you know you are in safe hands inside Kage Golf. 

With the understanding that most people of this modern age don’t have a lot of time spare to spend 4, 5, or 6 hours at a golf club, we want you to feel like you could complete a full round of golf in under 2 hours and without having to tackle the unpredictable British weather. 

What if we said you can do this whilst being served tea, coffee, beer, wine and soft drinks with Sky and BT sports on the tv’s showing your favourite sports from around the world.

What if we also said we provide a variety of different packages to suit all types of golfers.

Now this is a place any golfer would love to spend time in, right?

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